The wilderness camp is a central part of Skånevik Nature experience.  The camp is situated  out on a flat hill  up on Åsheim with beautiful view over Skånevik, the Skånevis fiord and village out on east and north. 
  The camp consists of different plateaus and has among other facilities several fireplaces, warmed up lavvo (a big triangle shaped tent-tipi) with a wooden floor, slate and benches to sit on, hot, wood - burning bathtub and toilets.
There is a road all up to the parking place that lies beside the camp.  This means that guests who for example stay at Skånevik Fjord hotel can choose if they want to be transported up, or to have a nice walk from Skånevik centre.
  In the wilderness camp you can experience exciting and instructive adventures, easily combined with the arrangements at Skånevik Fjord Hotel, Skånevik Fjord Residence and Skånevik Fjordsafari, which are some of our co-operating partners.
  A great time  in the big lavo (a triangle tent)

Near by the powerful nature that surrounds Skånevik you get: Relaxing comfort for soul and mind when you sit in a  hot bathtub together with fellow human beings, starry sky and maybe a curious deer flock as the closest neighbours.  Or fun in the lavvo (a big triangle tent-tipi) in the dusk around the vivid flames as the sun sets and colours the nature red.

  A lot of fun and exciting activities
 Skånevik Nature experience offers exciting outdoor activities  with the wilderness camp as the main base:   
Shooting at the bull’s eye with bow and arrowshorseshoe throwingaxe throwing  different team exercises.
  A visit at the wilderness camp can of course be combined with food experience,like serving of farm food:    Anything; from simple a course cooked at a fireplace to bigger courses cooked by the chef in the besøk i villmarksleiren kan sjølvsagt kombinerast med matopplevingar med servering av gardsmat:  Alt frå enkle rettar laga på grue til større rettar laga av kokken i leiren.
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