Skånevik Nature experience is a wonderfull place to start hiking for those who wish to get further and higher up in the mountains and who want to exercise their body in the different kinds of terrain. You will in addition  to the tour experience a magnificent view over the fjord and the mountains.  You don’t have to walk far before you get a spectacular view over Åkrafjord and Folgefonna.   

  The trip to Juraskarskjerringa passes Valdra, through Rodalen and Juraskaret and it takes about 3-4 hours there and back. The trip to Lyngtun is under preparations and more trips will soon be ready.

 Juraskarskjerrina - mountain formation with myth to               Two nosy spectators

    From Juraskarskjeringo you have a fantastic view over Rodalen and Skåneviksfjorden on one side and Stordalen with   The Etne-village on the other.

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